• Amercanex Members setting "free market" pricing -
    • Afghan Kush (AFGKU)4.361 ⇑ 0.92 -
    • Bio-Diesel (BIODSL)3.786 ⇓ 0.21 -
    • Blue Dream (BLUDRM)4.136 ⇑ 0.20 -
    • Blueberry Kush (BLUBKU)3.716 ⇑ 0.38 -
    • Candy Kush (CNDKU)4.568 ⇑ 0.99 -
    • Casey Jones (CSYJNS)3.306 ⇑ 1.03 -
    • Cinderella 99 (CNDR99)4.879 ⇑ 0.21 -
    • Cherry Kush (CRYKU)4.996 ⇓ 0.21 -
    • Critical Haze (CRTCLHZ)2.906 ⇑ 0.61 -
    • Death Star (DTHST)3.9903 ⇑ 0.22 -
    • Diesel (DIESL)4.361 ⇓ 0.01 -
    • Durban Poison (DURPSN)4.963 ⇑ 0.21 -
    • Flo (FLO)3.936 ⇑ 0.78 -
    • Fruity Haze (FRTYHZ)4.562 ⇓ 0.67 -
    • Ghost OG (GHSTOG)4.962 ⇑ 0.44 -
    • Golden Goat (GLDGT)4.766 ⇓ 0.11 -
    • Headband (HDBD)4.026 ⇑ 0.09 -
    • Kosher Kush (KOHKU)4.981 ⇓ 0.32 -
    • Tangerine Haze (AMING)4.591 ⇑ 0.03 -

Revolutionizing Order And Efficiency In The Cannabis Industry


 Amercanex Corporation

Amercanex was founded with the sole-purpose to ensure a completely transparent, neutral, and non-manipulated marketplace for cannabis industry participants.  The system strictly adheres-to and centralizes regulatory and reporting requirements to local and regional regulatory authority. We understand that in order for this industry to succeed, regulators will need an effective system to monitor, regulate, and collect revenue from intra-state industry producers and retail outlets.

streetsign_32px About the Market

The Amercanex Corp is the first fully electronic marketplace in which wholesale and retail distributors of cannabis can sell, buy, or exchange their inventories on a fully disclosed and transparent market.  The core function of the marketplace is to ensure fair and orderly transactions, as well as efficient dissemination of price information for any product bought, sold, or exchanged on the ECM.

 How The ECM Works

The ECM (Electronic Cannabis Market) houses prices from multiple market participants such as cultivators, wholesale distributors, as well as retail vendors.  The ECM also displays the best sell and buy prices on the ACE Marketplace from the prices received from participants.  Cannabis prices vary on the ECM, depending on market conditions, product availability, and participants.

The Electronic Commodities Exchange For Licensed Cultivators, Wholesalers And Retailers

Two Powerful Platforms Revolutionizing The Industry

CheckboxesIncreased Market Visibility

Checkboxes Reduced Cost Of Operations

CheckboxesAccess To Market Sales Data

CheckboxesTrue Price Competition

Checkboxes Pickup & Delivery Scheduled

Checkboxes Ability To Set Reoccurring Orders

Checkboxes Sales Data Download To File

Checkboxes And More…


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CheckboxesDetailed Transaction Reporting

Checkboxes Sales Tax Reporting & Remittance

CheckboxesProduct Trending & Forecasting

CheckboxesRegional Breakdown Reporting

Checkboxes Transaction Auditing

Checkboxes Free For Government & Regulators

Checkboxes Live Real-Time Data

Checkboxes And More…


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Regulatory agencies and government bodies are granted access to the ETTAS system at no cost and no membership requirement.

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